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  • Comment on Dr. Martin Keller Named Director of National Renewable Energy Laboratory by Mohsen Tahmasebi
    in the name of God, the Almighty
    att: Dr Martin Keller,
    the honorable NREL,s Director
    President of Alliance for Sustainable Energy.LLC
    subject: Unvdil'' the most important invention(renewable energy production)'' at NREL april13 & 14, 2017
    Dear Mr. Richard Adams
    the honorable Director

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

    with all due respect
    as my previous emails. I informed US President team, Department of energy, Gatesnotes, and NREL authorities, that 35 years ago, (as a sales & marketing manager of most powerful european company letter), I designed (based of 4 sciences), a system that could generate spins, that is best solution for zero carbon reliable affordable sustainable renewable clean energy production without consuming any kind of fuel and ( production rate 24 hours per day. 365 days per year. 92% efficiency ), but at the first sample device appeared many problems
    two months ago, after having solved the problems, I informed mentioned authorities
    last week NREL invited me through an email, which I have been waiting for, and I replied that immediately that we (I with my son 35 years old as vice president of managing board)in highest level will participate
    the NREL arranged hotel reservation and our registering for the NREL Industry Growth Forum
    Now you are requested to inform the US embassy in Armenia about the date of our presence in USA, and hotel reservation arrange, and the reason of presence for to obtaining the visa, because we are living in Iran, therefor for US visa we must fly to Armenia

    for your information my second email to US president was as follow:
    Dear Team Trump the honorable
    followed my first email, I must repeat as follow:
    I am inventor and owner of a system with 35 years experience as unique miracle, that the its results is as follow :
    1- established condition to create several million new jobs during next 4 years
    2- prevent losses 20 trillion $ at foolishly renewable clean energy projects, in USA during next 10 years
    3- creating an excellent climate by removing carbon monoxide without sacrificing national production
    I am looking forward for your reply because I must be april 10-20, 2017 in USA at NREL Industry Growth Forum
    best regard
    Mohsen Tahmasebi S.
    chairman & main shareholder
    Tahmasebi Tech. Engineering Co.
    introduced by Deputy Minister and New Towns Development manager to the Minister as:
    well-known mass-constructor
    benefactor housing constructors
    industry and mine cooperative constructors

    US President
    Secretary HQ Department of energy
    Mr. Bill Gates gatesnotes

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