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  • The Second Unit of NPP Kudankulam Planned to be Put Into Commercial Operation in December 2016
    By Rosatom Asia Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), customer of construction of the station reported that the second unit of NPP Kudankulam planned to be put into commercial operation in December 2016. As reported on August 29, the second unit of NPP Kudankulam was connected to the grid, and on July 10 the […]
  • When hackers turn out the lights
    The development of the smart power grid and the smart meter in our homes to accompany it brings several benefits, such as improved delivery and more efficient billing. Conversely, any digital, connected technology also represents a security risk. Researchers now explain how a malicious third party that hacked into the metering system could manipulate en […]
  • Test1a
    By Louis Vye Read more here::       
  • Advancing lithium-air batteries with development of novel catalyst
    A fundamental step forward has been taken in advancing Li-air through the development of mixed metal catalyst that could lead to more efficient electrode reactions in the battery. Read more here::       

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