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  • Daily Report: More Clean Energy, Brought to You by the Cloud
    By By QUENTIN HARDY Big data centers for the likes of Apple, Facebook and Google are increasing the demand for renewable energy, which may spur the construction of green facilities. Read more here::       
  • CSP competition heats up as Fresnel design taps higher temperatures
    By Robin Sayles Précis: Frenell’s latest CSP plant design incorporates a higher-temperature molten salt system to provide overnight storage and a lower cost of energy in a move which could boost lagging Fresnel deployment. Global installed Fresnel CSP capacity is currently around 177 MW, compared with 4.2 GW of parabolic trough capacity and 629 MW […]
  • Invisco Whole House Fan Company Announces Affiliate Program
    By Invisco Whole House Fan Company In a move that appears to be a first in this market, Invisco has started an affiliate marketing program that enables customers to get a rebate on the purchase of either the Invisco rafter mounted ES4700 or the new rooftop ER4700. In addition, anyone can sign on as an […]
  • Invisco Announces Tornado Rooftop Turbine Ventilators
    By Invisco Whole House Fan Company CSR Edmonds in Australia has been making their high performance Hurricane turbine rooftop ventilators since about 2005. Invisco has designed the new Tornado turbine ventilator for the United States market. [] Read more here::       
  • New class of fuel cells offer increased flexibility, lower cost
    A new class of fuel cells based on a newly discovered polymer-based material could bridge the gap between the operating temperature ranges of two existing types of polymer fuel cells, a breakthrough with the potential to accelerate the commercialization of low-cost fuel cells for automotive and stationary applications. Read more here::       
  • Stretchy supercapacitors power wearable electronics
    A future of soft robots or smart T-shirts may depend on the development of stretchy power sources. But traditional batteries are thick and rigid — not ideal properties for materials that would be used in tiny malleable devices. In a step toward wearable electronics, a team of researchers has produced a stretchy micro-supercapacitor using ribbons […]
  • Smart Lithium-Ion Battery System by Lithium Boost Technologies to Enhance Performance of GEM 48V-72V Low-Speed Electric Vehicles
    By Lithium Boost Technologies Lithium Boost announces the successful installation of its innovative lithium-ion battery solution in golf carts manufactured by Polaris and GEM, and shares its customer’s testimonials. Following long periods of driving and testing their LSVs, the customers reported enhanced performance, including doubling the range, and expressed continuous satisfaction from Lithium Boost solution […]
  • Wilson Solarpower targets $50/MWh; Abengoa signs deal with creditors
    By Robin Sayles Précis: Solar thermal news you need to know. Wilson Solarpower targets $50/MWh with modular design U.S. developer Wilson Solarpower aims to lower the generation cost of its 247Solar Plant design to $50/MWh-$60/MWh, the company said in a statement. Wilson Solarpower has demonstrated that its 247Solar Plant can produce power at a cost […]
  • Researchers reduce expensive noble metals for fuel cell reactions
    Researchers have developed a novel nanomaterial that could improve the performance and lower the costs of fuel cells by using fewer precious metals like platinum or palladium. Read more here::       

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