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  • A Renewable Energy Boom
    By By THE EDITORIAL BOARD With wind and solar power becoming much more affordable, world leaders have no excuse for failing to press for clean energy. Read more here::       
  • greeNEWit Honored by EPA as 2016 ENERGY STARĀ® Contractor of the Year
    By greeNEWit Leading sustainability firm, greeNEWit, recognized for helping homeowners improve energy efficiency and increase comfort in homes. [] Read more here::       
  • Weaker Lumber Markets and a Strengthening US Dollar Have Pushed the Global Sawlog Price Index Down Almost 22% in Two Years
    By Wood Resources International LLC Sharp reductions of sawlog prices occurred in Russia, Brazil, Central Europe and Western Canada in 2015 because of weaker currencies, less demand for lumber and reduced trade of logs, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. European sawlog prices have fallen faster than prices in most other regions of the world. [] […]
  • Lithium hoarding behind failure of promising new battery
    A salt plays a critical role in allowing lithium-sulfur batteries to hold a charge after more than 200 uses; this work offers needed design principles for creating long-lasting, high-capacity batteries. Read more here::       
  • X-rays reveal how a solar cell gets its silver stripes
    The silver electrical contacts that carry electricity out of about 90 percent of the solar modules on the market are also one of their most expensive parts. Now scientists have used X-rays to observe exactly how those contacts form during manufacturing. Read more here::       

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