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  • SolarCraft Completes Solar Power System for Cloverdale Unified School District – Sonoma County School Reduces Utility Bill and Saves Money
    By SolarCraft Novato and Sonoma based SolarCraft recently completed the installation of solar panels on at Washington Middle School in the Cloverdale Unified School District (CUSD), Cloverdale, CA. The new 102 kW photovoltaic system will reduce their utility grid demand while saving the school district thousands in energy fees every year. [] Read more here:: […]
  • GlacialLight Announces 150 Watt LED Floodlight with Over 16,000 Lumens – GL-FL150
    By GlacialTech Inc Highly Efficient 111 Lumen per Watt Fixture Replaces 400W Metal Halide Lamps [] Read more here::       
  • Molecular architectures see the light
    Organic photovoltaics bear great potential for large-scale, cost-effective solar power generation. One challenge to be surmounted is the poor ordering of the thin layers on top of the electrodes. Utilizing self-assembly on atomically flat, transparent substrates, a team of scientists has engineered ordered monolayers of molecular networks with photovoltaic responses. The findings open up intriguing […]
  • Converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into batteries
    Scientists have worked out a way to make electric vehicles not just carbon neutral, but carbon negative by demonstrating how the graphite electrodes used in the lithium-ion batteries can be replaced with carbon recovered from the atmosphere. Read more here::       
  • Analysis finds tax credit extensions can impact renewable energy deployment, electric sector
    New analysis explores the potential impact of recently extended federal tax credits on the deployment of renewable generation technologies and related US electric sector carbon dioxide emissions. Read more here::       

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