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  • UAE’s MISP center accelerates pre-commercial tech development
    By Robin Sayles Précis: The Masdar Institute Solar Platform is working with technology firms to drive up temperature capabilities, improve efficiencies and reduce the cost of CSP plants. Almost three years after launching the Middle East’s first CSP plant, Masdar joined with Masdar Institute to launch late last year the region’s first CSP research and […]
  • New fluorescent nanomaterials whose inspiration was taken from plant antenna systems
    One of the biggest temptations facing a scientist is to try and reproduce natural phenomena which are so fascinating given their effectiveness and perfection. Scientists have now designed a set of fluorescent nanomaterials which have taken their inspiration from the antenna systems of plants. These new multifunctional materials aim to imitate the photosynthetic organisms of […]
  • World Bank eyes MENA projects; Eskom backs South Africa plant
    By Robin Sayles Précis: Solar thermal news you need to know. World Bank requests MENA CSP market update The World Bank Group has invited Expressions of Interest (EOI) from consultancy firms to prepare a status report on CSP in six markets: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia. Image: Premium`: No Image Caption & notes […]
  • U.S Lighting Group Announces New Energy Efficient Bulb
    By US Lighting Group U.S Lighting Group has just announced their new bulb; the most energy efficient bulb currently commercially available. [] Read more here::       
  • America Green Launching in New Markets
    By America Green Solar America Green is looking for local partnerships in Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Texas and California. America Green is launching a Partnership Program for local business owners. The goal of America Green is to be able to help homeowners and business owners understand the process and full benefits of going solar as well […]
  • Munich Reinsurance America Plaza III Takes Home a USGBCNJ Emerald Award
    By Eneractive Solutions Munich Reinsurance America’s Plaza III was awarded an Emerald Award by the U.S. Green Building Council New Jersey Chapter. [] Read more here::       
    5 new projects awarded grants to develop and manufacture low carbon propulsion technology in the UK  £74M in joint Government and Industry funding  The latest investment in 10-year, £1 billion co-investment programme in advanced propulsion technology 09:00 12 January 2016: The London Taxi Company, Morgan Motor Company, AMG Batteries Ltd, Jaguar Land Rover and Parker […]
  • World Bank to report back on progress of its Thirsty Energy Initiative at African Utility Week in Cape Town in May
    A study in South Africa that forms part of the World Bank’s Thirsty Energy Initiative has found that major inter-basin transfers support water for power in South Africa. “These transfers play a critical role in the power sector in the country,” says Dr Diego J. Rodriguez, Senior Economist at the World Bank, “and you see […]
  • Standard for Sewage Treatment Plants in Developing Countries
    A standard for sewage treatment plants is to improve the sanitation situation in developing countries. The international technical services group TÜV SÜD has been awarded a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to assess facilities aimed at 1,000 to 100,000 people. The project started in November 2015 and is designed for a term […]

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