Work Characteristics of Vertical Cylinder Impact Crusher

With the constant development of the crusher, stronger and newer crusher also arises at the historic moment. So is straight cylinder impact crusher is, the product shape is good, comminuted broken quantity is little, expenditure on power and upkeep is satisfactory

Straight cylinder impact crusher’s feature: by being the feed way of “broken drum”. Rotating feed tube on the stone to the downward movement have block effect, the stone is driven to rotate through the broken drum. The bottom stone is discharged by the broken tube thinly through the same impeller cavity with the broken drum rotating speed. The cavity make stone accelerate, and is shot at the speed of 180 ft/sec to outside to lining on the anvil in the annular impact crushing indoor wall.

When the Stone with 90 ° angle hit on the anvil, it produced the biggest impact of the stone to metal body. It is said that eliminate the crushing effect of stone to stone can reduce the stone crushing and dust. On the block degree for 100 mm trap to 90 tons/hour speed feed do test shows that the product of the vast stretches of sex index for 13-14%, 5 mm – 17%. On the block c + 35-75 mm including carbon limestone by 102 tons/hour feed do test, then the ratio of crushing is at 20%.

Broken drum feeder system makes broken parts wear is divided into two categories, the contact of the impeller wear parts and the accelerated stone suffers from abrasion, and the replaced anvil is only withstood impact, this will allow use of these two kinds of wear resistant material to make the wearing parts.

In addition to the soft rock, use the impact crusher for crushing, and need for regular inspection and maintenance. Crusher roof can use the maintenance channel, installed on the framework equipment. Crusher roof can use the hydraulic arm, installed on the equipment framework to ascend, when the rotary to the flanking, you can unload impeller head to replace.

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