Wave cinnamon fall sweet osmanthus

In an instant, Dont’a Hightower Elite Jersey autumn came, my grandma’s the small courtyard of live! You see, persimmon red, grasshopper jumped, full of sweet osmanthus tree opened. The small courtyard, osmanthus flowers the most conspicuous!

I could see it from a distance. The thick leaves results won’t cover osmanthus this naughty egg son, they always get together, like whispered. In this way, a piece of green, just to see a bunch of beige osmanthus highlight out, especially dazzling. I can’t help but go up. Osmanthus that call a small and exquisite, they almost only babies nails size, Dont’a Hightower Patriots Jersey there are five petals flower is golden brown, compare, do not know to have eyelashes thick!

At this time, I suddenly flash across a thought: if… I am excited, took mama went quickly to the tree. I rub the rub palm, two hands tightly holding the trunk, that appearance, can’t wait to uprooted trees. I use a wave “all one’s strength”. Oh, what sweet osmanthus rain, it is a flower sweet osmanthus fluttering leisurely, odd little. What’s the matter? Is it sweet osmanthus was supposed to create difficulties I become? I put my doubts his eyes to mother, after all, she is experience, with pointed to the my hand. Shall I sign it? “Oh, my hands are also flat, force, force gathered and lost.” I take a tumble, hurriedly change posture, only a wave gently. Hey! Osmanthus all vie for it to come up, the wind blows, there is some sweet osmanthus in the air, waste twisted and turned away many tortuous paths! Irving Fryar Jersey No 3 seconds, the flowers are all landed safely. Go to the ground a look, became a pale yellow wool blanket! How do I do? Very simple, a hand in, adjust the direction; In one hand, used to send force, and then to “the eyepiece of potential” a shake, with respect to ok. Do you learn?

My grandma’s of the court, and the small courtyard of osmanthus. Shake the fun of cinnamon, fall sweet osmanthus beauty. By trial and error efforts, the joy of harvest achievement, this, leave me a infinite daydream and meditation, will be in my Jake Ballard Jersey childhood memories, growth in the picture album of eternal one! basic6shang20121231

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