Vibratory Feeder Has Good Performance

Vibratory feeder, as one kind of the feeding machines that have been widely used in the various industries, is used to convey the materials to the certain device to make sure that the next working procedure can be carried out normally and effectively. Compared with other feeds, the vibrating feeder has the following advantages.
The vibrating feeders makes use of the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the eccentric block in the vibrator so that the movable parts such as the sieve compartments and the vibrator can be forced to do the continuous circular or approximately circular movement. Vibrating feeder is composed by the cell body, vibration exciter, spring bearing, driving device and other parts. The vibration source of the vibrating feeder is vibration exciter, which consists of two eccentric shafts (active and passive) and gear pair, the driving shaft is driven by the motor through V-belt and the driven shaft is driven to rotate through the gear meshing. The simultaneous reverse rotation of the driving shaft and driven shaft will make the machine body vibrate to realize the continuous flow of materials to achieve the purpose of transporting materials.
The vibratory feeder is featured with simple structure and uniform feeding and good performance as well as the adjustable exciting force. The flow can be changed and controlled at any time and it is easy to operate; as the vibration source, the eccentric block has low noise, low power consumption, good regulating performance. The enclosed fuselage can prevent the dust pollution, the vibration is smooth, operation is reliable and service life is long; exciting force can be adjusted. In addition, it has light weight, small size and easy to conduct maintenance, having good overall performance.

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