Two Ways to Maintain the Wear Resistant Parts

1, the users pay attention to the routine operation skills
The quick-wear parts of the impact crusher mainly include the rotor and plate hammer and the wear resistant parts of sand making machine (vertical shaft sand making machine) mainly are the plate hammer on the impeller, alloy head, liner, rotor, jaw plate and side fender. The hammerhead is the main wearing part of hammer crusher. To master the correctly operational skills of the crushers can reduce the failure rate effectively to extend the service life of the wearing parts.
For example, when the jaw breaker is in operation, the vibration of the bolts and the looseness of the nut on the jaw plate will increase the wear and tear of the jaw plate and generate a great deal of noise, which can cause the broken and shedding of the jaw plate. Therefore, in order to be able to extend the service life of the jaw plate, the users must frequently check the nuts and bolts to prevent the exacerbation of the wear and the broken and looseness of the jaw plate to lower costs and improve work efficiency. Another example, in the use of the hammer crusher, it is necessary to change the surface of the hammerhead, which can greatly increase the service life of the hammerhead.
2, various types of hammerhead should match with different specifications of crushers.
The basic principle of selecting the hammerhead is: small hammerhead should use the high chromium and the large hammerhead chooses the high manganese steel. The corrosive materials are not suitable for forging hammer. The service life of the hammerhead in the crushing plants of various regions is not the same. The hammerhead that has the longest life expectancy in the market is inlaid tungsten titanium carbide blocks the hammer, of course, it also need advanced casting process and chemical analysis equipment with precision and other hardware devices.

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