To Take Measures to Avoid the Off Tracking of Materials

The vibrating screen relies on the exciting force generated by the motor to force the machine to drive the sieve to move to conduct the screening operation of the materials. In the screening process, sometimes, the phenomenon of the off tracking of material will appear, affecting the normal production process. The following is the reasons for the off tracking of materials.
1, the exciting force on both sides of the screen machine is uneven, which results in that the amplitude of the both sides is not the same;
2, the stiffness of the reel is poor, the movement of the sieve body is not the translation, but a twist;
3, the stiffness of the four supporting springs is inconsistent, leading to the uneven support;
4, the feeding on the production site is uneven.
Based on the above phenomenon of the material deviation, the following is the corresponding solutions to the problem.
1, as for the first deviation phenomenon of materials, the operator should adjust it in a timely manner to ensure the normal screening operations of vibrating screen;
2, with regard to the problem of poor stiffness of the frame design that leads to the twist phenomenon, the users should choose the vibrating screen with strong frame stiffness for production;
3, to solve the problem of the inconsistent stiffness of four support springs that leads to the uneven supporting of the vibrating screen, before starting the vibrating screen, the operator should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine to ensure the consistency of the stiffness of each of the supporting springs.
4, when handling the fourth phenomenon, in the use of vibrating screen, it should be ensured that the feeding should be continuous and uniform to avoid the unnecessary failures of vibrating screen.

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