To Select and Replace the Screen Surface

The screen surface of the vibrating screen is the basic part of the vibration screening equipment. At present, the domestic screen surface adopted by the vibrating screen can be divided into the metal screen surface that is made of low carbon steel, high carbon steel and manganese steel and the non-metallic sieve surface that is made of rubber, nylon, polyurethane and other materials. In the dressing plant, the vibrating screen is the common choice whose vibration is generated by the shock vibration of the vibrator.
As for the certain materials, the productivity of the vibrating screen mainly depends on the width of the screen surface and the screening efficiency depends primarily on the length of the screen surface. In the case that the sieve productivity and the moving speed of the material along the sieve surface are the constant, the greater the width of the screen surface is, the thinner the thickness of the material layer will be; the greater the length is, the longer the sieving time will be. The decrease in the thickness of the material layer and the lengthening of the sieving time will help to improve the screening efficiency.
If the two-thirds of the screen thickness of the mine vibrating screen has been worn, there is the phenomenon of leakage and rupture or the mesh hole has increased to a certain degree so that it can not be adjusted, there is the need to replace the screen. When replacing the screen, the operator can determine the range standard of the replacement of the screen surface according to the specific condition of the wear and tear and the rupture.
When replacing the screen surface of the mine vibrating screen, the operator should make the decision based on the different situation, whether both the frame and screen surface should be replaced at the same time, or only to replace the rack or the screen surface is avaliable, or there is the need only to do a partial replacement of the screen mesh of the mining vibrating screen.

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