To Process the Building Mortar with Milling Device

Building mortar refers that the masonry block material (brick, stone, and masonry) is bond into the mortar as a whole. It is composed by inorganic cementitious material, fine aggregate, water and admixtures. The building mortar is commonly used in masonry brickwork structure (such as brick, stone, block), the plaster of the inside and outside surfaces of the building (such as walls, floors and ceilings), the pointing of large wallboard and masonry wall as well as the bonding of the decorative materials. Currently, more than 60% of the building construction projects in China still use the brick and block and the materials for wall. The building mortar used in the masonry and plasterer construction is commonly cement mortar or mix mortar. However, due to unstable quality of lime powder, the mortar has low intensity, poor adhesion, affecting the quality of the masonry works. Therefore, how to improve the quality of the mortar is an urgent practical problem that needs studying and solving in construction.
The lime milling equipment produced by the Henan Hongxing Heavy Industry can effectively improve the quality of lime powder to completely solve the problem of the quality of the building mortar. It combines crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and transportation, it is equipped with lubrication station so that the dilute the oil can realize the circulating lubrication to ensure that the bearing can work under the conditions of low temperature and pure oils, extending the service life of equipment; the automatic control device can realize the remote control to make it easy and convenient to operate, which is the advantages that other milling equipment (ball mills) cannot match. The limiting mechanism that aims to prevent the direct contact between the roller sleeve and disc liner can avoid the destructive vibration generated by the friction and the collision between the metal, increasing the security. Unique hydraulic station system can achieve the no-load startup and the operation and management is more convenient.

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