To Control the Speed of New Flotation Method

The flotation without foam refers the separation way that the materials are extracted in the interface (or surface) of water – gas, organic liquid – water and water – oil and be separated, such as the film flotation and oil flotation that are used in the early period use and the liquid – liquid extraction flotation that is under development. The oil pellets screening refers to that it makes the useful mineral particles that have been hydrophobized form the selective pellets and then it will sort the mineral pellets. The bubbles that will be used in the flotation are generatd by boiling the pulp or through the chemical reaction in the early period. Currently, the common choice is to use the mechanical agitation to inhal the air or to compress the air to form the bubbles. In addition, apart from the three methods mentioned above, there are other ways to form the bubbles. For example, it can make use of the reduction or the increase of the pressure to form the foam. The electrolysis blistering is another way that can be used to form the bubbles. Apart from these ways, there are also many other ways. There are many factors that are related to the flotation effect, in addition to the nature of the ores, the flotation reagent, flotation machine and the flotation process are the most important.
The stirring speed of the flotation machine is greater than the required speed of the dispersed gas: the impeller diameter of the new flotation machine is 0.06m. Taking the standarded grooves as the example, flotation groove area is 0.01mz, the diameter approximation is 0.1m and the inflatable amount should be 300L/h1. Thus, the rotational speed of the flotation machine should be greater than 1053.3rpm to make the inflated air achieve full dispersion.
The stirring speed is not too high so as not to damage the stability of the sub-constituency and foam area.
If the rotational speed is too large, it will increase the inertia force that the mineral particles shred from the bubble, which is not conducive to the bubble mineralization, but lead to a rise in pulp turbulent flow rate. But under different flotation conditions, the difference of the critical speed of the different types of flotation machine is large. It should be based on the actual process.

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