The Unique Properties are Embodied in Six Facets

In the 60 years of development process of cone crusher, it has been basically completed the material preparation and performance development phase, entering the stage of comprehensive application and improving the process. Now, various countries and enterprises are still improving the cone crusher, it is conceivable that the cone crusher will be promising in the future market.
The unique properties of the cone crusher:
1, the technology performance of cone crusher is stable and the product size almost has nothing to do with the wear of the liner.
2, the operation and installation are easy. The machine adopts the secondary vibration isolation, which makes the foundation vibration and noise small. The installation does not need the enormous foundation and anchor bolts.
3, cone crusher adopts the selectively crushing of material layered. Crushing chamber is filled with the material that will withstand a full range of extrusion, which makes the crushing chamber avoid the direct contact, effectively preventing the liner gets worn against each other as well as preventing the metal contaminants so that the vulnerability of the wearing parts is reduced and effectively extend the service life of the wearing parts.
4, the crushing ratio is increased, the product size can be adjusted. The crushing force of the cone crusher is related with the eccentric static torque. Adjusting the gap between the crushing chambers can easily adjust the desired crushing ratio.
5, the unique design of cone crusher simplifies combination process and reduces the number of auxiliary equipment. The machine is full of feeding and it cans start and stop with full load. Operation, monitoring and control are very convenient; because of the fine granularity, there is no need to constitute a closed circuit, significantly saving the equipment and infrastructure investment.
6, a wide range of applications. Adjusting the operating parameters of the cone crusher can help to crush the brittle materials with any hardness.

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