The Sustainable Development of Jaw Crushers


     In order to ensure the economy and reliability of single toggle jaw crusher, the structure parameters and operating parameters often are given. In these parameters, revolving speed and width of discharge opening are adjustable. Once these parameters are determined, when the machine is produced, structure parameters, operating parameters and their range are determined, and there are not more adjustment methods. On the basis of need in the design and research on the machine designers should make full use of computer technology, use a new design concept and design the single toggle jaw crusher. Firstly, size of crank and rocker mechanism is given and design space is established. Design space is made up by crushing points. These points are used in the analysis, calculation and design.   Secondly, instantaneous centers of velocity and acceleration of moving jaw and rack are analyzed. These results provide quantitative design basis for ensuring adjustable parameter and scope. In the surrounding of ADAMS this paper simulates and analyzes the single toggle jaw crusher. Results show that the simulation results are consistent with the theoretical calculation basically. Meanwhile the simulation results also confirm the theoretical calculation.   
     A concept of three-stage breakage that crude ore single particle materials go through is supposed. After being analyzed for the crushing forms of single particle materials that go through in the crushing cavity are analyzed, how to choose points whose statuses of motion are suitable to crushing in our design region is put forward. By changing hanging height of the machine, changes of movement characteristics of the previous chosen points can be observed and new points that benefited crushing material are found. It gives basic supports for designing of profiles of crushing chamber.  It has been more than 140 years since the appearance of the first jaw crusher. In this process, the structure has been constantly improved. The structure of jaw crusher is simple, safe and reliable. In the basic construction area, a large amount of sand and stones in different sizes are needed, so jaw crusher is warmly welcomed by industries from the very beginning.
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