The Screening Operations in Coal Preparation Plant

The vibrating screen is widely used in the coal preparation plant for the screening job of raw coal preparation and product handling. Generally it is divided into the prepare the screening, dewatering screening, desliming screening, removal of heavy media and slime recovery screening according to the different needs in accordance with the sieving task and purpose:
1. Preparatory sieving.
It is also known as the pre-screening. Based on the crushing operations and separation requirements of the job in the coal preparation plant, the raw coal is sieved into different size fractions to prepare for further processing of the coal.
2. Dehydration screening
It is the screening that is aimed at the dehydration, in the coal preparation plant, it is used for dehydration after the election, the sieve used in the dehydrating job is called dewatering screen.
3. Desliming screening
It is the screening that regards the production of the slime as the purpose. Desliming screening, in the coal preparation plant, is used to reduce the pollution of the high ash fine mud on the concentrate, in the sieve dehydration process, to strengthen the force spray rinse for the removal of part of the fine mud. Desliming screening is often used in the heavy-medium coal preparation plant, in order to reduce the pollution of the slime to the media system. Before the coal enters the coal dense medium separation machine, it should be conducted the desliming screening.
4. The screening that regards the removal of the heavy medium as the purpose
It is also called sculping screening, in the heavy medium coal preparation plant; it is used to make the products separate with heavy medium.
5. Slime recovery
It is based on the recycling of the slime. It is used for the dewatering operations of the slime and tailings in the coal preparation plant.

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