The Role Playing of Mining Resource and the Nation

Hard power is a measure of objective criteria enterprises bigger and stronger, and soft power is the ability of integration and the use of hard power, which is the ultimate key to maximize the effectiveness of business operadions.

Most of the resources we use now are non-renewable resource, and along with the economic development, more and more resources will be needed by all walks of life, which means that the non-renewable resource is fewer and fewer after exploiting. In such a case, we must vigorously promote the conservation of resources, protectio~ of the environment, focusing on the development of science and technology and developing a new alternative resources and renewable resources to guarantee the normal development of the economy.

In order to concern about the safe production of related industries, crusher enterprises must grab from the initial production of the manufacturing sector without missing any detail and strict quality control; The finished crushing and screening equipment must be strict to operating procedures of the test machine, it can’t be sold as a finished product until passing the test machine.

Therefore, crushers and other enterprises should not only pay attention to the construction of hard power of companies such as facilities, capital, staff, economies of scale, but also focus on the construction of the soft power like the corporate culture, information platform, running mechanism, which is the only way to truly bigger and stronger enterprise. What inspire or revelation it gave the crusher industry with main producing of jaw crusher and impact crusher? The direction of an industry or enterprise development will toward diversification in a certain stage.

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