The Role of the Flotation Tank

The flotation separator is mainly used for sorting copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals, it can also be used for roughing and selected sorting of the black metal and non-metallic.
The flotation cell of the flotation-cell.html">flotation machine has a good isolation role, it is not only suitable for a small slurry flow (2-6m3/min), but also suitable for large pulp amount (approximately 60-80m3/min). In accordance with the standard type flotation machine, the old plant renovation and new construction plant design can be flexibility solved. The connection between the main types of flotation machine can achieve the rival combination between the major type of flotation machine through the spiral bolt and sealing rubber pad. In a process, a series of workspace room should not be more than four. The number of series operation area is to be determined through the drop height of 500mm in the central groove so that the pulp of the flotation tank liquid level can be stable.
By the comparison of the actual operating conditions of the concentrator, the design and operating conditions of the large size flotation is evaluated. The main purpose of the study is to determine the scaled-time amplification factor based on the rule of thumb. The test is conducted in the rougher circuit. The rougher circuit consists of six parallel flotation tanks. By direct sampling and a row of coarse selected number of mass balance of each flotation cell to estimate the kinetic parameters of the rougher circuit, and several of the mass balance of the entire process has been adjusted. To use this information to fit different flotation kinetic model is the process. The research results show that the distribution rate constant rectangular distribution function is the most suitable for describing the industrial operation. And the establishment of a roughing simulator is used to describe the different operating parameters (fine Minerals rate, solids content and feed grade) and the pulp volume flow changes of each flotation tank.

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