The Role of the Auxiliary Devices of Rotary Kiln

Cement rotary kiln is the main equipment that is used in processing the cement clinker in the dry and wet production line. It is mainly used for the calcining of cement clinker and the production process can be divided into wet process and dry process.
The dust removal equipment
The amount of dust discharged by the rotary kiln is quite large. When the furnace is equipped with the lifting plate, the dust content in the gas is about 15%. If canceling the lifting plate, the dust content can be reduced to 10-12%. Because of the large amount of dust, it generally adopts the three sections of dust removal. The first and second period often make use of the dry cyclone collectors and third paragraph chooses the optional of wet impulse dust collector. The dust collection rate of the three sections can be up to 99%.
Roasted ore cooling equipment
The temperature of the roasted ore discharged can be up to 500 – 600 ° C and there is the need for cooling. The cooling equipment that is often used: cylinder cooling machine, classifier.html">spiral classifier.
Cylindrical cooler: to use the φ2.8m cylindrical cooler to cool the roasted ore has the advantages of safety and reliable operation. Even if there are the shedded lining brick and sintered into chunks of ore fall within the machine, it will not damage the device . The disadvantage is that the operating conditions are not good, especially in winter, a large number of steam has the mineral dust, causing the pollution in the operating environment.
Spiral classifier: the biggest advantage of the spiral classifier that is used to cool the ore is that the cooling effect and the operating conditions are good. The disadvantage is that the spiral is easy to be damaged by the falling lining brick or the ores that have sintered into chunks.

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