The Replacement and Repair of Impact Crusher

The Replacement and Repair of Impact Crusher

The Easily-damaged parts of impact crusher mainly include: plate hammer, liner and bearing.
When we replace the easily-damaged parts, we should do as follow. First, open shelves and unload the screw connecting upper shelf and middle box, next, use wrench to flip hex head part, and slowly open shelves. At the same time, we can hang the after-frame by cable suspension device, and then repeat the above process until shelves close.
1. Replacement of impact crusher plate hammer: plate hammer should be timely adjusted or replaced when they are worn to a certain extent to avoid the injury of the fasteners and other components.
2. Replacement of impact crusher liner: first, open the cover, remove the cotter pin, slotted nuts and bolts which are used to fix liner, and then replace the liner. If install a new liner, just to upside down the steps.
3. Treatment of impact crusher bearing: the reason why bearing is of over-high temperature are that: (1) excess or deficiency lubricating grease. Then we just try to check whether lubricating grease is excess; (2) smudgy lubricating grease. Then we just try to clean and replace grease; 3. damaged bearing. Then we just try to replace a new bearing.
Impact crusher plays a crucial role in sand making production line, we should timely maintain and repair it in the use of the process, try to eliminate problems in the bud to avoid more severe loss, in this way, ensure sand-making production line keeps in a normal and steady state.
Ways to the reduction of hammer crusher head wearing: select a reasonable speed. Quickly improve hammer head’s impacting and hardening degree in early process; improve grate bar structure to make the material-excluding expedite; often adjust the gap between parts, so that it is in a proper range. These ways would help reduce hammer wearing. From analyzing factors that influence hammer crusher head, we should adopt different measures to reduce wearing, prolong the service life, reduce material consumption and downtime, reduce costs and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

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