The Procedures to Maintain Slime Dryer

The maintenance of the coal slime dryer machine in the late period is very important, which is not only related with the normal production yield and production safety of the coal slime dryer machine in the late period, but also has a direct impact on the service life of the dryer. Therefore, it is necessary to learn and master a set of maintenance knowledge of the coal slime dryer. In order to make it easier to conduct the later maintenance, the operator should master the following preparations.
The first is the preparations before the starting of the dryer machine: preparations is also the so-called inspection. The operator should check all the transmission parts of the machine to make sure that they have sufficient oil and they are flexible. The junction between the dryer machine and furnace, the export of the drying and calcinations equipment and the upper part of the rotary cutter are clean. All the problems need attention.
Secondly, it is the startup and shutdown of the machine. Before starting the machine, the first is to light the stove and then start the host and then start the conveyor. After the laying-off of the blower, the draught fan can be started. When stopping the machine, the body temperature of the dryer machine should be below 80 degrees.
Finally, the following problems of the coal slime dryer machine need attention: fuels should be more than 6000 kcal; the feeding should be even; in the operation of the dryer machine, the conveyor and the dryer stove should be kept clean; the screws of the joints are not loose; whether there is the abnormal sound. If the problems mentioned above are found, they should be handled in a timely manner.


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