The Problems Needing Attention in the Installation

There should be some gap between the feeding chute and discharging chute which match with the feeding tank, it is generally about 25ram. The feeding chute and discharging chute can not collide with the vibrating feeder so as not to affect the vibration of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, causing noise.
It is not allowed that large positions pressure presses on the tank of the vibrating feeder (in general, the pressure on the tank should be less than 1/4 to 1/5 of the general pressure of the vertical projection of the discharging gate), otherwise it will reduce the amplitude of the vibrating feeder, thereby reducing the speed of delivery of materials.
(1) The electromagnetic vibrating feeder can be directly installed in the working position according to the given size of the installation diagram without disassembly. Before the installation, the operator must check the fastening of the screws of various parts of the vibrator. The connection screws of the tank and the coupling fork should be tightened one by one. The top screws of the plate spring must be re-tightened before the installation (generally, GZ1 ~ GZ5 series can use the 1.5m stress application rod and the GZ6 ~ GZ14 series can be equipped with the one of 2m), otherwise, it will affect the tuning values of the vibrating feeder. The air gap between the core and the armature should be checked and adjusted to 1.8 ~ 2.1mm and the core and the armature plane should be maintained parallel and clean, and then the operator should tighten the adjusting bolt and the fixing bolt of the core holder individually. The plywood bolt of the coil should be tightened to prevent the coil loose.
(2) To make the stability of the machine and ensure the accurate transportation of the material, the direction of the exciting force of the vibrator should pass through the gravity of the tank body.


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