The OnBeat Micro features both a Lightning and USB connector

Lady Gaga is proving herself to be just as creative beats custom when it comes to capitalism. Her forays into unusual merchandise (from school supplies to hooded leather jackets) have been readily documented. But she ups the ante via a new collaboration with audio accessories company Monster to custom beats powerbeats design her own signature brand of high-performance in-ear headphones.They might sound alike, but the processes are completely different. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, with ‘organic’ referring to the carbon film that’s sat between two conductors. OLED panels emit their own light when an electric current is passed through, whereas cells in a LCD display are transmissive – they require an external light source for brightness.Until now there’s been a question mark about longevity of OLED panels, while production lines have been impossible to make profitable due to high failure rates. Clearly, that’s all about to change. Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has detailed his plans for a streaming music service to be built in collaboration with Dr. Dre’s headphones company Beats by Dre.Reznor spilled his guts in this week’s issue of The New Yorker, as detailed by Pitchfork on Monday.The new music streaming service is currently known as “Daisy,” though it seems based on Pitchfork’s language that that may be subject to change.Apple’s plans for a streaming music radio service akin to Pandora and Spotify are reportedly being delayed by three of the largest record labels in the industry.

CNET reported on Tuesday that Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group rejected Apple’s terms for the new streaming radio service, according to “multiple music industry sources.”According to those sources, Apple is “nowhere near” completing a deal with music industry giants.A new app update for the excellent Sonos system brings with it the ability to play iTunes music direct from an iPhone, iPod or iPad.This chops out the annoying PC/Mac middleman that Sonos users have been tied to since time immemorial.It also means that if you buy songs on your i-prefixed device, you can listen to them straight away via Sonos instead of having to mess about syncing it back to your computer first. It’s a minefield out there – what are you supposed to do when you pull your new phone out of the box and realise the headphones included just aren’t up to scratch?Actually, this scenario is less common than you might think, but when it comes to Apple products, you’re going to want to know the best replacement iPhone earphones – as let’s face it, the ones that come in the box are just laughably poor and leak sound to anyone within a kilometre.But it’s not as simple as choosing the best pair of headphones from a shelf in a shop – you’ve got to consider styles, shapes, sound quality, price and overall functionality before parting with your hard-earned cash these days.The JBL OnBeat Micro is battery powered and small enough to be carried around when on the move. Playback lasts up to five hours (likely depending on the batteries), and the device doubles up as a charger when connected to a mains outlet. The OnBeat Micro features both a Lightning and USB connector, allowing you to play music from non-Apple devices too.The dock comes with a downloadable phone app that allows users to create customised playlists, browse album artwork and use their device as a volume controller.Intended to direct sound into the ear, EarPods have a form fitting shape that’s more anatomically welcoming than the previous versions.

While the phones fit into listeners’ ears, it doesn’t create a seal as others with similar construction do.
Gone too is the single-speaker design. Now, two smaller ones pump music, Podcasts, and whatever else you’re planning to blast into your canals.Those who pick up the new iPod touch, nano and iPhone 5 get a pair of the buds included. It’s hard to pinpoint when big over-ear headphones went mainstream. It was probably when Dr. Dre/Ludacris/Michael Phelps started endorsing mediocre cans for big bucks. Regardless, big-ass headphones aren’t just for big city cool kids anymore, they’re for everyone: elementary schoolers, teenagers, even your mom or dad. The problem is that when those people ask for headphones for the holidays, they’re asking for (and receiving!) Beats headphones, which, to be frank, are way overpriced. Do them one better this season by giving them the Audio Technica ATH-M50, which is only $105 from Amazon today.People love that bass. That’s part of the reason that Beats by Dre are so popular. Audio Technica’s new customize beats by dre tiny Solid Bass headphones bring you that same thump without losing all the rest of the tones in your favorite jams.

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