The Modification Measures of Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator, as the vertical transportation equipment that has a wide range of applications, has been widely used in the food, feed and seed processing industry. However, in the usage of the bucket elevator, the refir is necessary to improve its performance and enhance reliability.
1, the bucket hoist is equipped with anti-inversion device at the head of the machine. The inversion of the bucket elevator is very dangerous when encountering with the sudden interruption of power in the operation of bucket elevator. In the promotion process of the bucket elevator, one of its sides is uplink bucket that is filled with the materials and the other side is the downlink empty bucket that has finished unloading the materials. The bucket conveyer must be reversed due to the gravity after the power interruption. The materials will be unloaded into the bottom of the bucket elevator with the inversion of the bucket until the winnowin pan is filled with materials and be jammed. The reversal is an acceleration of the movement and then suddenly get stuck, which make it easy to rip off the winnowin pan, making the belt damaged, or even broken. In addition, the bucket elevator is filled with materials at the bottom , which makes the bucket elevator can not start. The anti-reversal can use the ratchet mechanism.
2, there should air suction tube and vents at the head and the bottom of the bucket elevator respectively to make sure that the bucket elevator will not generate negative pressure and dust spills in the process of unloading and feeding. A well-made transportation equipment, the seal must be reliable. However, a good seal will inevitably produce a pressure difference in the process of unloading and feeding to cause the difficulty of feeding and unloading. Vents makes the internal pressure and external pressure of bucket elevator machine almost equal. The appropriate suction can avoid dust overflowing from the well-ventilated place, avoiding waste and cleaning up the environment.

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