The Liking of Customer on Sand Maker with Higher Output

In the daily operation and production process of the sand making equipment, the following points should be paid attention to in order to save a lot of maintenance cost for the customers:

(1) Regularly open the observing door to watch the wear and tear condition inside the crushing machine. If the machine has been wore down, the personnel should timely change or repair it. It is strictly prohibited to open the door to watch the inside working condition during the operational process of the machine in order to avoid danger. If the impeller wears down, the customer should timely repair or change it.

(2) Since the machine is working under high speed condition, safe production should always come first during the operation process of the sand maker. The related personnel should stay away from the equipment, and if it is necessary to repair on the machine, it should be done after the machine is stopped.

(3) Periodically inspect the lubrication system and change the bearing of the machine without delay.

(4) The tensioning force of the driving bead apex should be adjusted to be appropriate in order to make sure the loaded force on the bead apex is even. The current flow difference value of the two motors should not exceed 15A.

Anti-abrasive materials and spare parts design: because a material cushion is designed on the vertical shaft impact crusher in order to replace the scale board as the easy-wearing part, improving the service life of the anti-abrasive parts can be divided into the spare parts design and anti-abrasive materials application. Now the advanced spare parts design has adopted material cushion protecting method and eliminated the expensive chromium alloy steel bead weld. Hongxing Machinery sand maker did multi-optimization to the content design of the equipment.

Nowadays, the sand maker researched and developed by our company has achieved several dynamic breakthroughs. The processing ability is higher than the traditional sand maker and reaches more than 6oo tons every hour. Compared with traditional equipment with the same power, the output is improved by over 30% and the performance is more stable. The most suitable angle design of crushing chamber and the materials greatly reduces the machine wear and tear; the granularity of the products is excellent, the granular composition is reasonable so that this equipment is especially suitable for artificial sand production and stone material reshaping. The machine adopts hydraulic opening device, so that the repair of the spare parts is easy and convenient, the breakdown time for the users will be shortened and it saves time and labor. An over vibration display and alarm device is installed on this machine so that it can timely alarms the malfunction of the machine thus protecting the equipment. And what is more, the unique feeding crushing structure is able to satisfy many requirements of the customers such as sand making, material reshaping and corrosion material disposal without large adjustment.

Dust control: The sand maker of our company adopts special air self cyclic system, which significantly reduces the out air quantity, decrease the dust amount and benefits the environment. At the same time, the machine obligates and is suitable for installing many kinds of auxiliary dust removing equipment.

As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as spiral separator, vibrating feeder, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

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