The invitation of inertia cone crusher to grinding industry

Inertia cone crusher and its industrial application body are located in the vibration isolation devices, working body is composed by the fixed cone and movable cone with wear liners, lining oppositely surface to the cone crushing chamber. The rotary motion of the motor is transmitted through the transmission mechanism to the exciter which is fixed on the hub, exciter rotating produces inertia force, making moving cone do rotary oscillating motion around the center of the sphere spherical bearing; there is no rigid connection between the moving cone and transmission mechanism. When there is no material on crushing cavity, moving cone will be scheduled along the scroll surface in the cone. When crushing cavity is filled with materials, moving cone along the material layer rolling, the material thickness changes were accompanied by a strong ripple impact, thus crushing the materials.

Inertia cone crusher represents the highest level of the current world cone crusher by its industrial application and its advanced crushing theory, unique design ideas, reasonable mechanical structure and excellent performance, overcoming the deficiencies of the traditional crushing equipment, has large breaking ratio, energy-saving, stable technical indicators, easy operation and installation, etc., can well meet the requirements, “and more crushing and less grinding”, has been successfully applied in chemicals, abrasives, metal and non- metallic minerals, metallurgy, building materials and other industries the material crushing processing field.

Because of its unique structural features and working principle, compared with the traditional crushing equipment, inertia cone crusher and its industrial applications has many advantages in use and process: (1) good material layer selective crushing effect. It is packed with feed material, the materials broken in the crushing chamber are exposed to a full range of extrusion shear and strong ripple impact role granule material layer interaction, resulting in mandatory since crushed between the particles. Material layer prevents direct contact and prevent the liner grinding each other, avoiding metal contamination, so that the grinding body consumption greatly reduced.

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