The Improvement of Ball Mill Process

A ball mill includes the ceramic ball mill, while the ceramic technology also requires the process of grinding, so the use of ball mills in the ceramic industry is essential.

But the continuous operation of the ball mill will encounter some problems, these problems are an urgent to solve, if you cannot resolve it, then the effect of the production will be poor. Generally these questions have the several items:
1, the material feeding process of the ball mill is always continuous, the component  of slurry is uniform.
2, the grinding particles can meet our production needs.
3, the abrasive and grinding aids can uniformly enter.

These problems affect the continuous operation method of ball mill, so we need for improvements to these problems to ensure the normal and stable use of the ball mill:
1, first, the material type involved in the grinding should not be too far to implement, making microcomputer ingredients before grinding them to ensure the nature of the material stable. In order to ensure that the slurry composition is uniform, we can introduce the slurry to the slurry pond, calculate the proportion and uniformly mix it, so that you can make the slurry composition is uniform.
2, ensure the fineness of the particles need a lot of improvement for the ball mill. First, because the continuous operation method of ball mill requires grinding and crushing work separated, so it must set multi-positions in cylinder. Second, because the ceramic grinding is more difficult, so whether it is the design of the compartment plate, or the requirement of the ball mill liner, both can guarantee the grinding of ceramic materials in the cylinder body for a long time. Finally, you had better adopt closed-circuit grinding process.
3, guarantee the presence of grinding aids stable in the ball mill, we need to uniformly add the grinding aids to the ball mill, because most of us use water-soluble grinding aids, so we first melt the grinding aids into the water, and then when it needs to be added, we can add the liquid grinding aids to the ball mill.

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