The Factors Need Consideration When Selecting the Dryers

When selecting the dryer machine, the users should pay attention to the following problems so that they can make a better choice.
1. The applicability ——-firstly, the drying device should be able to apply to specific materials and meet the basic requirements of drying materials, which includes the good handling of materials (feeding, conveying, fluidization, dispersion, heat transfer, discharge, etc.). The dryer machine should also meet the basic requirements of the handling capacity, dehydration and product quality.
2. High drying rate — only in respect of the drying rate, the materials are highly dispersed in the hot air in the convection drying, the critical moisture content is low and the drying speed is fast. But if the drying methods are different, the critical moisture content will be also different in the convective drying, thus the drying rate is also different.
3. Low-energy ——- different drying methods have different indicators of energy consumption. The general dry heat conduction efficiency can be up to 100% theoretically and the efficiency of the convection drying is only about 70%.
4. Saving investment —– sometimes, the drying device with the same features can have significant differences in costs. The users should choose the one with low price.
5. Low running costs — it is necessary to reduce the costs of depreciation of equipment, energy-consuming, labor costs, maintenance costs, spare parts fee and other operating costs as low as possible.
6. The users should give preference to the dryer machine that has simple structure, adequate supply of spare parts, high reliability and long service life.
7. The drying device should also meet the environmental requirements and have good working conditions and safety.


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