The Effective Expanding Space of Future Cone Crusher

The researchers take in-depth research on the motion characteristics of materials in cone crusher cavity, and explore the three different forms of particle flow state—sliding form, free falling form, sliding and free-fall coexistence state. They analyze the influence of the motion state of granular materials in crushing cavity on crusher work performance, take simulation analysis of the trajectory of granular materials in crushing cavity and get hierarchical breaking characteristics of cone crusher, laying theoretical foundation on stratified research and design for the crushing chamber.

The improvement of gyratory cone crusher performance has become a new target for mining machinery industry. Researchers from the point of crusher working mechanism and performance take meticulous research respectively in the lamination crushing theory of the materials, the calculation of the production capacity of the cone crusher, laminated cavity model, cavity design, broken product particle size distribution and multi-objective optimization design of cavity-type.

The researchers analyze the current development situation of domestic and international rotary cone crusher cavity type, deeply understand the importance and urgency to optimize the design of cone crusher cavity type structure and improve the performance of the cone crusher.

Hongxing mining machinery will be dedicated to the development of efficient laminated cone crusher, on the basis of cone crusher work mechanism and performance to establish multi-objective optimization design plan involving product size, production capacity and cavity structure.

Through the influence of crusher cavity type on product particle size distribution, the researchers base on the general equilibrium model, calculate the new calculation method to broken product particle size distribution and reason cone crusher production capacity.

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