The Deep Comparison of Dry and Wet Production Line

Then what are the advantages of the artificial sand production line over traditional wet production line?

Firstly, it reduces the production cost. When the traditional production line is manufacturing sand, it will need large quantity of water to wash the sand, which to a certain extent increases the investment in the water resources. But the dry production line does not need the investment in water which reduces the production cost.

Secondly, it is conducive to environmental protection. Since the wet production line needs large amount of water to wash the sand, a lot of water is wasted, and at the same time the sand powders which are washed away are also wasted. The artificial sand production line then can save water and mineral resources so that it is more environmentally friendly than the wet production line.

Thirdly, it is free from the limit of the environment. The artificial sand production line has no limit in water and environment and it can also work in the area which is short of water.

In recent years, many provinces and cities in our country constantly made innovations and raise funds in many channels. They make great efforts to develop the highway construction projects and actively enhance their regional economic development competitiveness, which promotes the increase of the sand and stone materials supply. The artificial sand produced by the sand making product line solves the problem existing in the sand and stone supply and construction and production and this production line has become the main force in the sand and stone industry in China.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturing company integrated with research, production and selling of sand maker, cone crusher and stone and sand production line. Our company has advanced research and development equipment and has made outstanding achievements in science and technology research and development.

Finally, the grading of the artificial sand is superior. The mud in the artificial sand can be removed through powder selection machine in order to reach the building-sand standard, and in addition, the powder selection machine can control the content of the sand powders so that the compression strength and the peaceability of the concrete can be improved.

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