The Configuration Selection and Operating Rules

Vibrating screen is the screening equipment that is used to process the materials domestically, which is widely used in mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries. It is also used in stone production line. When purchasing the vibrating screens, the customers will choose a different configuration according to the actual situation. With regard to the configuration and selection of vibrating screens, the following problems should be paid special attention.
The advantages and disadvantages of the lattice and rewinding plate as well as its application range:
Advantages: it can avoid the direct discharge of the materials on the edge and collect the materials to the middle of the sieve to improve screening accuracy.
Drawbacks: it will increase the weight of the upper part of the screen machine, which wil reduce the transmitted force of vibration and weaken the screening effect. If the rewinding plate breaks, it will increase the sales costs.
Adaptation range: it can apply to the vibrating screen with smaller diameter of less than 1000 for the demand for special screening. Currently, because of the limitation of the medium lattice, the addition of the rewinding plate will make material decline, causing blockage. There is no need to add the rewinding plate for the general screening.
The preparation before the startup of the machine:
Before the start, the strict inspection is necessary to make sure that the transmission system, the screen box, sieve plate and the spring are not broken and the rivets and bolts are not loose. Checking the screen surface to make sure that there is no debris; checking the lubrication condition of the lubricating parts. To observe the vibration condition of the sieve and check the amplitude whether it is within a predetermined range.

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