The best way to Remove the CMOS From your Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428

The Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) is usually a battery-powered motherboard chip. It stores basic information instrumental for a computer’s operation, including the date and time settings. If your CMOS battery dies, the time and date settings with your laptop will reset each time your computer shuts. This will potentially affect everything from your operating-system to specific hardware components in your laptop. Replacing the CMOS battery inside your Toshiba Satellite A215 requires dismantling notebook case.
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Things You will want

Phillips head screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver
Anti-static wrist strap



Banned notebook and unplug the main power line. Pull the display panel closed, squeeze laptop faced down and rotate your computer therefore the front panel is facing you. Push on it pack’s release button, and take away battery by reviewing the compartment across the top edge of the laptop’s bottom case. Dell inspiron 1440 battery

Loosen both the Phillips head screws on the hard disk compartment’s cover perfectly found on the lower-left corner of the laptop. Get rid of the cover to reveal the hard drive assembly. Grasp the hard drive’s plastic tab, and slide hard drive to the left to disconnect it through the motherboard. Lift hard clear out of that compartment and hang up it aside. Dell Inspiron 1564 Battery


Eliminate the two Phillips head screws from the memory module compartment cover perfectly located at the lower-right corner of the laptop’s casing. Eliminate the cover to expose the 2 memory modules located inside compartment. Spread apart the retention clips on either sides of each module. Tilt each module upward at an angle, and remove the modules off their individual memory sockets. Dell Inspiron 14z Battery

Remove all visible screws from your laptop’s bottom case. Flip notebook over and pull open the display panel as much as possible. Insert a thin, flat head screwdriver to the gap between the keyboard’s top row of keys as well as the plastic strip above the keyboard. Carefully pry the strip through the laptop’s case. HP Pavilion dv6 battery

Loosen each Phillips head screws situated above the highest row of keys. Hold the top fringe of laptop keyboards, tilt it upward and disconnect the bigger ribbon cable on the motherboard. Get rid of the keyboard from inside the laptop to reveal a compact portion of the motherboard. Dell Studio 1537 battery

Eliminate the four Phillips head screws securing the superior cover of the laptop constantly in place. This can be the main plastic piece within the upper side from the motherboard. Disconnect all visible cables in the motherboard. Carefully lift the whole top cover from your laptop and hang up it aside. ASUS N55 Battery

Locate the coin-cell CMOS battery at the center from the motherboard. Lift it from its motherboard socket and hang it aside. HP Pavilion dv6000 battery

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