The After-sales Technician of Mobile Crushing Plant

Total solar eclipse, the worst of the astronomical spectacle, affected the heart of countless people. The date of July 22, 2009 would have been remembered by people, and that day also drew a red circle on the calendar of teacher Han of Hongxing, it’s seemed that the aged teacher Han also has a deep complex in total solar eclipse.

Teacher Han can be regarded as a real practice expert in mining machinery, and his operation skill and maintenance method has enjoyed a reputation in the industry. He successively worked as the after-sales captain of jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, sand making machine, vibrate screen, and he is active in work, industrious, has led his personnel finish each task assured to quality and quantity, which has been regarded as the outstanding staff for two consecutive years. By the end of 2008, the maintenance work of the first mobile crushing station was assigned to him, time is tight, and it’s the first maintenance, but he took after-sales department colleagues and rushed to the scene in the fastest speed, and quickly solved the problem through his many years of experience in the maintenance.

Although the mobile crushing station is the integrated vehicle installation of undersized belt machine, crusher, vibration screen, but the matching crusher, vibration screen and other equipments are still different with other general production line equipments. In order not to delay the after-sales work, teacher Han has already awared of this problem and advanced carried on the analysis of mobile crushing station and other various equipment details, so he can solve problems quickly. “Every time I think of the customer is god, I have a sense of responsibility in the mind, I have no reason not to good service each customer.” teacher Han always strives to do his work best and has done practical action for the development of Hongxing with his consummate technique level and professional dedication.

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