The Advice for Mechanical Design of Rotary Kiln

     The main part of the rotary kiln is a thin round cylinder, so rotary kilns are always large-sized and heavy with many supporting points. In order to guarantee the rotary kiln can rotate continuously for a long time, from the mechanical points, the primary condition is to keep the cylinder straight and round, which is the key in the production and operation of cylinder. Designers must meet this requirement as much as possible. But there are a lot of difficulties in the design, production, transportation, installation, and operation of rotary kiln, because the machine is too large and heavy.  Firstly, in terms of design, in order to keep the cylinder straight and round, the less supporting points, the better. But, because the cylinder is long and heavy, there must be many supporting points. A suitable thickness of the cylindrical wall is needed to keep it round, because a specific radial strength is needed. Secondly, as for the manufacture, the cylinder itself is long, large, thin, and round with a small hardness. It’s easy to be deformed, but we cannot process it wholly. So, it is very hard to keep the cylinder round and straight. What’s more, during the transportation, it is very easy to deform the cylinder, because it’s large but thin. 
     Because of the limitation of steel specifications and transporting conditions, the cylinder is always divided into several segments. So, in the working site, wielding tens of segments together under the condition of openness and highness can easily deform the cylinder. Besides, during the operation, wrong adjustment of holding wheel, uneven wearing of the supporting units, or the inconsistence of foundermental subsidence will all influence the straightness of cement rotary kiln. After the damage of straightness, the radial deformation of intersecting surface will be larger, as a result, the service life of limestone rotary kiln will be influenced.

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