Test exploitation of gold in Mongolia with crusher

In Mongolia, the private gold miners are called “warrior”, for they always working on the Gobi Desert with a green pan used to filter the gold carrying on the back. In their eyes, anyone can mine the wealth of the national underground. As China’s neighbor country, Mongolia possesses rich resources; the proven kinds are more than 80, such as coal, copper, gold, silver and iron. Besides, the reserves of petroleum, gas, gold and copper rank the world’s top ten. At present, some countries, such as America, Britain, Canada, Australia and other 9 national enterprises have invested in Mongolia. In Mongolia, the main industries are mining and animal husbandry, however, there is no healthy industrial system, so the major imported goods are refined oil fuels, machinery equipment as well as building materials.

Recently, with the opening of some biggest Mongolian mineral deposits, the financial markets in the world and the mining industry of Mongolia are developing rapidly. Mongolia Mining is the most important event in the mining industry of Mongolia, because it supplies the best platform for the meetings and cooperation of potential customers, suppliers and trading partners, for the opportunity of developing cooperation with international and local mining enterprises, for the understanding of the latest technological developments, for the needs of industry experts learning experience from mining industry leaders.

The equipment and enterprises that allowed to be exhibited include: Machinery equipment companies, coal exploitation and processing equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, washing equipment, and the advanced technologies of mining equipment.

As we have studied above, Mongolia is a country with rich resources; however, the main exported products include machinery equipment and building materials, in other words, the processing of resources need the help from other nations. On the other hand, it is a good chance for Mongolia to seek partners through this event, for so many mineral powers will attend. For China, it is also a big challenge and platform to walk to a broader market. There are quite a lot of companies in China that specialize in producing machinery equipment, for example, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. There is no doubt that many mining machinery enterprises in China will pay more attention to the world market from this grand event.

As a professional and the best mining machinery manufacturer in China, Hongxing Machinery is always ready to provide the superior ore beneficiation, hydro cone crusher, and these machines have the most competitive price and the most reliable quality so that they are the top choices for the high performance crushing equipment.

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