Technical upgrading is the only way for saving economy

Mining machinery in the low-carbon economy should continue to adopt the new technology independent innovation, train high-quality personnel, adjust the structure, optimize the industrial chain to produce efficient energy saving and environmental protection machine and keep sustainable development of the low-carbon economy!

The 12th five is a critical period for China”s economic growth and transformation, and how to achieve the transformation of the mode of production has become a common concern of the community in the development of a low-carbon economy. In addition, we need to take into account environmental factors; the traditional mining machinery such as hammer crusher, sand making machine far can not meet the requirements of the air quality at this stage; in order to keep long-term sustainable development, the only way is taking technical upgrading and innovation.

From the cultivation of high-quality personnel, the mining machinery industry should insist on a combination of academic and theoretical. Learned from the current findings, we have an extreme shortage in human resources in the mining machinery industry in China, a lot of the production staff had not received the training of professional theory; simply try to operate in accordance with the traditional experience, which is an important reason for the lag development of China”s mining machinery industry. In order to achieve new development, mining machinery industry should focus on the training of professionals to achieve the integration of knowledge and production.

From improving the technical level, the crusher industry has to adhere to the combination of self-development and the introduction of absorption. Under the new situation of economic globalization, China”s mining machinery industry need to “open horizons”, introduce foreign advanced production technology and experience, research and develop and produce high-quality, environmentally friendly mining machinery and equipment, as well as adhere to the independent development technology innovation so as to achieve a new leap of the mining machinery industry in China.

In addition, the mining machinery industry also needs to enhance the overall level of the industry to strengthen internal communication and cooperation for the development of the industry as a whole to achieve the revitalization of the mining machinery industry in China.

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