Study on Improving the Performance of Jaw Crusher


     From the current situation of the crusher machine, we can see that the weight of crushers in China is higher than that in abroad, and the design of jaw crusher still emphasizes on experience. With the development of computational methods and computer technology, under the premise to meet the needs of strength, stiffness and safety performance, improving the structural design of the movable jaw to reduce the weight of machine is a feasible solution. The large horizontal displacement of mobile jaw is available for crushing materials. Moving along the direction of movement of the mobile jaw promotes discharging effect, so we can guarantee the efficiency of the production of the crusher to a certain extent. The vertical displacement of mobile jaw is also large in the simulation, so the lining board will be worn quickly, and its service life will be decreased. As the development of wear-resistant materials and the improvement of liner’s wear-resistant ability, jaw crusher is gradually developing to a larger size.  
     A jaw crusher is a kind of classical size reduction machine which is widely used in mineral, traffic engineering, building material, and chinaware. In order to improve the jaw crusher performance, such as lower wear rate, higher efficiency and lower power draw. Some jobs have been carried out on some regular parameters, such as length of coupler, nip, suspension height of basic shaft, stroke of moving jaw, etc. For these parameters, once they are determined, they will be the designing foundation of the machine and cannot be changed in the operation. Since the parameters of this kind of jaw crushers are non-adjustable, its application and performance is constrained.   
     At present, the overseas goal of the mining equipments is getting the advanced predominance than those countries such as our nation. So they will do their best on the big-scale, automatization of system, high efficiency and low energy. The modern manufacture technologies are the foundation to reach such a goal. In general, the basic problem of jaw crusher designing and researching is how to set the springboard on changing the traditional parameters into operational ones using PC technology under the concept of innovation. In order to reach this purpose, the detailed kinematic and dynamic designing and applications of the PC technology are required.
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