Strong weeds

The heart of the village to the many “uninvited guest,” Woolrich Parka they encroached on artificial lawn grass territory. What are they? They are those strong weeds.

These weeds in dandelion, mugwort, green bristlegrass, there are many unknown baby grass… They walk up, like a strong, aloof and proud eagle, spread your wings and fly. And artificial cultivation of the grass, very weak, just like their parents dote on us, meet the storm, the artificial cultivation of the grass, unable to stand. But the weeds? Few fell, heavy rains it is let them spirit up. Meet the sun exposure, artificial cultivation of the grass had wilted, weeds are safe and sound.

Property Woolrich Arctic Parka personnel began in addition to weed, weeding machine “hissing hissing” voice a minute also didn’t stop. No effect, people began to a piece of a root to pull out the weeds, day after day, year after year. “Wild fire to burn the spring breeze blows, and born.” After a heavy rain, the grass over people. This is the grass: spring, weeds in lawn little by little growth. In the summer, they display the vitality. Autumn, they spread the seeds, ready for the next generation. Winter, their energy savings for next year preparation.

Oh, weeds, I admire you! I admire Woolrich Sale your strong and unyielding spirit, I later won’t ignore you.basic1shang20121220

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