Some Obvious Local Characteristics of Mining Areas

The mining resource of Shanxi is flourishing and enormous, including the coal and iron which are the special famous in the province. The coal resource is distracting in more than 90 cities, and with the gradually finishing combination of the coal and mining, which has entered into one time of big mine. And then that is the reason why Shanxi province sets up some higher standard to explore the newest developing road for the local resource with the local features.

At the end of May, the Shanxi province held one meeting about the modern building construction and the basic coal construction, which evenly puts forward that the latest and highest standard will be set up in the industry of mining machinery in order to boost and lead the modern development of the coal industry and to improve the developing level of the higher standard.

One customer coming from the Yangquan of Shanxi said that a lot of resource has been wasted in the process of exploring, because the investors only can see the short term profit brought by investing the materials which can bring a lot of economic profit for them in a short time, and something such as the coal gangue and bauxite tail slag covers the whole exploring site, which cannot attract the customers to invest on them.

The cement industry of Shanxi is developed rapidly during the recent years, and many companies also can see the enormous advantages of it such as the coal which can be directly used to the process of cement processing according to the grinding of Raymond mill, which can make a big profit in the production line.

After Shanxi explores the new road with the local features, which can bring in one situation of prosperous prospect, and then we believe that the economy of Shanxi will have the power to get on a new stage with the continuous development.

After the combination of the coal and mine, a lot of small mines have to confront the result of being closed, and then many coal bosses in the past cannot find one way to earn money, that is the reason why they begin to pay their attention to the other industries such as the coal processing which can stimulate the appearing of the industries of new generation such as coal slurry processing, they can fully use the coal slag resource by purchasing the Raymond mill and dryer which are used to process the materials in order to put them into the practice of the other industries.

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