Solutions to Overheating during Stone Production Line Work

The stone production line is a kind of mining equipment and is widely used, so it is inevitable to encounter a variety of equipment problems, if the equipment meets the condition of the overheating during its work, you can deal with it in accordance with the following methods.

The possible reason: due to the excessive wear of drive bearing made the gears meshed incompletely or badly damaged, and the foot link bolts loosen, all resulting in the production process.

Solution: adjust the gear gap, timely replace the worn parts, and re-tighten the bolts, so as to ensure the stability of the equipment during the work.  The cylinder and the top junction of the sand maker occurs pulp leakage. The reason for that is caused by the bolts loose between equipment, the too long pin and badly worn equipment gasket.

Solution: tighten the loosen parts and replace it with a new gasket.  Sand making machine’s power is unstable, the reason is the spindle lubricity is poor; the flexibility is reduced, the feeding machine is loosen, the density of discharging feed is high, the liner wear is severe or motor circuit appears failure.

Solution: timely add lubricant to the rotation bearings, adjust or replace the worn device and repair the motor circuit. The bearing of sand maker overheated, appeared abnormal sound. The reason is during the installation process of the bearing, you should install correctly and not let some of the items into the bearing, the feeding capacity must be suitable, regularly lubricate and clean it.

If the object mixes into the gears, it will cause the device to have strong impact sound, at this time you need to stop, check and remove the object, and then replace the worn gear.

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