Six Reasons for the Deviation of Belt Convey

Six Reasons for the Deviation of Belt Convey

The common belt conveyor is consist of conveying belt, roller, expansion cylinder, driving, braking, tensioning, modification, loading, unloading and cleaning device.
One, the most common fault: belt conveyor is running deviation.
Point to solve such fault is to keep installation size precision and routine maintenance. There is a variety of reasons for deviation; we should adopt different treatments to the different causes.
First, adjust the carrying idlers if belt deviates in central roller position; and make mounting hole on both sides long.
Second, install self-aligning roller group .There are many types of self-aligning roller group such as intermediate shaft type, four connecting rod type, vertical roll type.
Third, adjust cylinders and redirect its position, which is an important link of belt deviation adjustment.  The adjusting method is similar for roller group’s. As for the head drum, a right forward movement is for right deviation, a left forward movement is for left deviation.
Fifth, feeding point in transfer position impact greatly on deviation, especially when the two belt machines project vertically. Then, we should consider relative height of the two belt machines.
Sixth, adjust two-way running belt deviation. This deviation adjustment is further harder than the one-way belt conveyor deviation. In particular adjustment, we should adjust a certain direction, and then adjust the other one. Besides, we should carefully observe relationships between the belt moving direction and the deviation trend, individually adjust them. Emphasis should be placed on adjustment to the driving drum and redirection drum, followed by the roller adjustment and material dropping point adjustment. It should be noted that the belt in the vulcanization joints shall enable the belt section of stress uniform, so is the chain traction on both sides of the force.

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