Several Notes of Allocating Reasonable Stone Production Line


Stone production line is a dedicated production line, which is used in the building, highway, railway and other industries; it is composed of feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, vertical impact crusher machine and other equipment. During the configuration, not only to consider meeting different processing needs of customers, but also to pay attention to the following features.

(1) The productivity. Productivity is an important process parameter of crushing and screening equipment, the productivity requirements include two elements, the productivity of size specification product, and the other is the productivity of all products. For the actual engineering, the productivity of each size specification is more meaningful. Therefore, in determining the productivity of the device, it should first consider the actual needs of the project.

(2) Product quality requirements. The quality of the product has the particle size, distribution, particle shape and so on. In various engineering, the requirements for product quality is not the same, the processing quality of the product is related to the broken machinery and production process.

The smaller of product particle size is, the bigger of total crushing ratio of crushing and screening equipment is, the more of the grain size of the product is, the more complex of equipment is. In many projects, the dust content of the gravel compound should not be too high, these dust is harmful to the quality of the concrete. When the dust content is excessive, it is necessary to increase a cleaning process.

(3) The characteristics of the raw material. The hardness, grading, clay content and moisture content of raw materials is a very important parameter, different raw materials should select different crushing and screening machinery. When raw material hardness is large, generally choose jaw crusher, cone crusher as the primary crusher; raw material hardness is small, you can choose the counterattack crusher as the primary crusher.

Overall, according to particle size of the raw material, select the process and the various parts of the productivity; according to the hardness of the raw material, choose the form of coarse crushing equipment.

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