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Up at the beginning of the entrance, the newborn Wes Welker Jersey calves are not afraid of tigers. Signature –

I’m a primary school student, has just arrived from preschool “graduate”, glorious in the elementary school.

I was five years old and a half to this age, should have to wait half a year, however, mother of the show at a stroke, age that a bar to appear on the two words – six years old.

As a result, I so muddleheaded of primary school.

I know the first a friend, is now known as “zhu LaoCan” ZhuFan Qian, but as for me and she is how understanding, now already Wes Welker Game Jersey can’t remember qing, only know that is she and I have DengWei is the best of friends.

First class, our teacher in charge teacher LiangYueHua first and we met once, began to teach pinyin, four tone, one beam teacher explained: “ah” is a straight road “ah” out of difficulty “ah” is the another “ah” is downhill, we learn very hard to learn, remember the first a nursery rhyme, is like this: “the rabbit rabbit gently jump, dog dog run slowly, if the pain on the grass, I will not follow you.” At that time or phonetic notation!

The teacher taught us maths stone, is a very tong qu teacher, originally didn’t establish yao big feeling, in retrospect the feel. On the first day of math teaching we count, all with gusto.

Next, will show my newborn calves are not afraid of tigers of the momentum.

I don’t understand, in the class that a few blighter why every day like a fly stare at us, we turn to me and my other friends, her name is CaoTianQi.

In the beginning, I am ignore them, but, after Wes Welker Limited Jersey that, I will and XiaoCao together “strive to kill an enemy” : a right hand cut in the past, and then the left hand, right hand is again… I give this stunt took a name, called the great wheel, (left and right hand wheel flow is very like, not letter? You getting the chance to try to) although I and XiaoCao fit perfect, however, that a few fly or don’t know to repentance, can’t, continue!

Time fleeting, we will usher in the first test, for the first time, hard to avoid some nervous, however, I still had some ninety the historic first test, even though I Wes Welker Elite Jersey had only one year of preschool.
< had only one year of preschool.

The campus beautiful life ah! basic6ming20130105

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