Reasons for Conveyor Belt Scattering Materials

Reasons for Conveyor Belt Scattering Materials

Belt machine, which is also called belt conveyor, is widely used for transporting machinery in mining, chemical, cement plant. In many important production units which need continual operation, such as transportation of coal in power plant, scattered material in iron and steel plant or cement plant, and stevedoring in port, belt conveyors are used widely. Because it would bring sever loss if machines shutdown in these occasions, while belt conveyor can work continuously. Belt conveyor makes low power consumption. Due to the un-relative movement between material and conveyor, the running resistance is make small (about 1 / 3-1 / 5 of scraper conveyer), and attrition and fragmentation are also small, which is helps for high productivity an beneficial to reduce the production cost.
Conveyor belt material scattering is a common problem, reason is also different. But the key is to strengthen the routine maintenance.
First, material scattering in transfer point mainly drops in the hopper or the guide chute, etc. As the belt conveyor seriously overload, a guide chute blocking rubber apron will be damaged, which makes material out of the guide chute. The situation can be resolved in control of the transport capacity and strengthen maintenance.
Second, material scattering of hanging concave section. When the concave curvature radius is small, belt will be suspended, and then belt chute conditions are changed. Therefore, in the design phase, we should use larger concave curvature radius to avoid such situations. For example, design an arc transition interval in the mobile machinery loader, stacker reclaimer equipment in order to shorten the tail car, when the belt width redundancy is small, scattering is easier to occur.
Third, material scattering in deviation: scattering here is for the changeable height of two edges in running, and the processing method is to adjust the belt deviation.

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