Process and Purpose of Crushing Material

The machine that used in the process of making large particulate material into small particulate material is called crushing machine. The process that use the external force to make small particles of materials into the powder material called comminuted or ground, referred to as grinding, It uses the machinery is grinding machinery. Make crushing and grinding together is referred to as broken mill.

Crushing process of material:
Depending on the different material and the requirements of the manufacturer, the material can be broken by the specific situations. The general crushing process is making the chunks of material early broken, then in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer, crushing it into the appropriate granularity. The early broken process is done by a jaw crusher, jaw crusher is not only suitable for a variety of high hardness stone is also suitable for a variety of large pieces of stones, and it has a good crushing effect.

The purpose of comminution materials:
Increasing the ratio of surface area of the materials; preparing concrete aggregate with artificial sand; making useful ore part dissociated; all which are prepared for the further processing of raw materials, or ease of use.
With the rapid development of the contemporary society and economy, the social demand and the scale of production of a variety of metals, non-metallic, chemical, mineral, and cement and other materials are increasing, and also the amount of comminution material is rapidly increasing.
Most of these materials must go through comminution, so it is visible that crushing and powder engineering have played an important role in the national economy.

The significance of broken materials:
In the mineral processing industry, the production costs of the concentrator comminution, on average, accounts for more than 40% of the full cost and grinding equipment investment accounts for about 60% of the plant’s total investment.
Power consumption, steel consumption and the consumption of raw materials in the comminution process is huge. Therefore, energy consumption of the comminution area can have an enormous social and economic benefits, its significance is far-reaching.

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