Pencil troubles

Hello, I am the person sees the person loves, flower see flower, the car to see the car flat tire, birds see bird handsome stay pencil. Small host homework every day when I will command the homework well. Each time, NaVorro Bowman 49ers Jersey small master because I got the teacher’s praise. But, recently small host write operation are not my part, don’t know why this is. Then I find out just know, since the master on the fourth grade began to use a ball-point pen. Every time I saw the master took the ball pen began to make efforts, I was more than a shadow.

A small master ball-point pen no water. “Ha ha, I again come in handy. My heart secretly thinking about. I carefully run to the owner’s books side, said: “master, I can help you finish your homework!” Master looked at me, I immediately picked up and then started to write.

The second day afternoon come home from school, the little master angrily back to his room, open exercise book. Once I see: ah! I wrote a part of a big red fork, above is also writing: “do not use a pencil to write my homework.” I’m stunned, is preparing to escape, but found the master. See the master put me tightly in hand, and then slammed the I throw on the ground, and NaVorro Bowman Youth Jersey then shout abuse: “you this damn pencil, let me and penalty copy homework!” I despair of it.

After this matter, the master took me for punching bag.

Once, the master did not take the time to review, result the second day mathematics exam in a great mess, small host a back room, saw me immediately dropping me out of NaVorro Bowman Men’s Jersey the window, and do the bag was on the floor. Be master of lost in the window I have black and blue, cartridge was also broke, I constantly complaining to the sky, and complain about their own destiny. Now I have stand up, I want NaVorro Bowman Women’s Jersey to master said: “please don’t take me as a punching bag, because of, I also have life!”

Know that I worry now. The master, I want to let you understand me, respect me, let me also reflects his value.basic6ming20130107

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