NFL Michael Crabtree Youth Jersey playoffs – Texas people escape tiger pass the first round

on January 6, morning, NFL [micro bo] the playoffs began in Houston, Texas home games who the team final defense group with strong performance and running star guard airy Ann – Michael Crabtree Men’s Jersey Foster (Arian Foster) good play with 19-13 in the league in wild eliminated Cincinnati tiger team, they will be in the United States on January 13, local time away to challenge the New England patriots.

Foster the game 32 times impact ball propulsion 140 yards, and have a 1 code of blunt ball of array, he also became the first NFL history in their first three games in the playoffs are rushed the ball over yards of players. Texas who the team on the offensive have a lot Michael Crabtree Women’s Jersey of trouble, only the first half by shane – graham score three free kick. Until the third quarter of the game to foster contributed the only a attack of array.

In his first playoff start, matt – XiaoBu lacklustre performance, and time pass and times, and promote complete 262 yards, half-time Leon – hall copy cut his passing back to attack and code for the tiger team made of array, this also is this, who in the past three games of the second score. The Texas person’s Jonathan – Joseph have one copy section, J.J. – wo special one escape kill. This is the second year in a row Texas ers in wild tiger team beat the competition. The tiger team since 1991 hasn’t won playoff victory, this is now the alliance’s longest record.

The tiger team last season is in the wild card standings by competition from Texas team selection, the score is 10 – and, at that time a rookie in Andy – Mike Iupati Jersey Dalton is three times of handwritten cut. The tiger team has 21 years have not had playoff victory, this in the NFL history long ranked ninth place. Dalton thirty times pass 14 times completed, promote the 127 code.basic6ming20130107

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