More effective Laptop Batteries for Consumers

The most significant disadvantages with using battery powered products is batteries have a limited lifespan. Expanding a battery’s lifespan can be an area where manufacturers of laptops, hybrid cars, and mobile devices are constantly focusing on. Compaq Presario CQ61 battery

The Argonne National Laboratory recently announced they may have think of a new solution to develop lithium-ion batteries. Making use of their latest discovery, Argonne is able to improve the battery capacity in lithium-ion batteries by nearly 30%

Currently these batteries have many markets cornered, included in this the laptop computer industry. Compared with its previous counterparts, these laptop batteries tend to be more reliable and also lighter. However, skin a downside. Lithium-ion batteries usually overheat and last about 750 charges, (this means your battery last about 3years). Compaq Presario CQ60 battery

The revolutionary materials by Argonne would allow these batteries being charged as much as 1,500 times. That is a significant increase from 750. They accomplished this increase by developing a new compound inside the battery that provides stabilizer. Dell Inspiron 1564 Battery

Today’s laptop batteries use cobalt oxide electrodes. Applying this electrode may be the main cause of excessive heating. To be able to combat the overheating issues and also increase storage capabilities Argonne used manganese oxide. HP G72 Battery

Manganese oxide behaves as a stabilizing force for the laptop battery given it contains more inactive materials which help balance the electrochemically active ones.

Fraxel treatments appears to be perfect for laptops and shows promise for mobile phone use, and not quite so excellent for the hybrid car industry. However, Argonne is trying to expand their current capabilities to create a better power source for hybrid vehicles. In Argonne’s efforts to sell this new battery they’ve made a legal contract with Japanese company Toda Kogya. HP Pavilion dv6 battery

This statement was published by Gary Henriksen, Manager with the Electrochemical Energy Storage Department at Argonne, regarding this new deal: “Our agreement with Toda Kogyo is a crucial step toward bringing to market key advanced lithium-ion battery technologies that are being developed here at Argonne with funding from the U.S. Us department of energy.” He also continued to say, “The technologies being licensed will increase the performance, life and inherent safety of lithium-ion cells than these that employ the cobalt-based cathode technology which has dominated the market considering that the introduction of lithium-ion batteries in 1990.” Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS battery

The Toda Kogyo Company but has existed since 1823. It’s the world’s leading manufacturer of iron oxide particles. Their designs for utilizing these particles along with the incredible to fabricate new technologies will help bring these new batteries anywhere int he planet market. Dell Inspiron 14z Battery

Currently, there’s no word how long it may need those to implement this discovery in laptops.

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