Measuring Granularity Before Crushing


     The so-called mesh, referring to the material particle size or fineness, is defined as the number of sieve holes within the area of 1 inch * 1 inch, i.e., the number of mesh of the sieve. The amount of materials going through the sieve is defined as mesh, for example 200 meshes means there are two hundred holes within the area of 1 inch * 1 inch. Counting like this, we can see the greater the mesh, the finer the particle, and the smaller the mesh number, the greater the material size. Commonly referred mesh means the number of “holes” in a sieve, or the mesh of materials.  The particle size is the basic parameter of the quality of vibrating screen, because the particle size depends on the number of sieve mesh. It is much necessary both for the screening machine factory and customers to master the knowledge of vibrating screen granularity.  As for the material size, the test of particle size is through the power of specific instruments and methods to test the characteristics of particle size. Powders are widely used in the daily life of customers and industrial production, such as flour, fire clay, plastic, paper production, rubber, ceramics, drugs, and so on. In different fields, the requirements for the characteristics of powder are different. Among all the parameters of powder, the spread of granularity attracts most attention. In the vibrating field, if some screening materials are met for the first time, it is necessary to test its granularity, or you cannot find a suitable sieve for them.  
     The more complex the shape of the particles, the greater difference between the results of different test methods. This does not mean that the granularity of the test results can be rambling, but rather they have a certain authenticity. It should more truly reflect the actual particle size of the distribution of the sample. There is no strict standard for authenticity, because it is a qualitative concept. However, some phenomena can be used as the basis of the authenticity of the test results. For example, the result measured by instrument should be within the allowable error range of the nominal value; the sample crushed by jaw crusher should be finer than before; sample of large particles after classification should be reduced; results should be consistent with the standards of industry, or recognized method with the field.

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